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Quran Class for NON-ARABIC speakers

Quran class for non-Arabic speakers Sunday & Tuesday between Magrib and Isha by Jehad (Abu-Ibrahim). Brothers and Sisters

Project Ready

Masjid al-Muslimin, Islamic Center of Columbia in partnership with Palmetto Health presents

Project Ready

Realistic Education about Dying Young.

Because risk-taking is a natural part of adolescence, we believe youth need an
opportunity to see the consequences of certain behaviors and decisions.

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, 2:30–6 p.m.
Masjid Muslimiin Islamic Center of Columbia, 1929 Gervais St., Columbia, SC

Project READY is a free community event in which participants will:
• Converse with trauma surgeon Aaron Moore, MD
• Observe a simulated mock trauma in the SimCOACH (a fully equipped mobile
simulation laboratory)
• Learn about motor vehicle safety from the Department of

Public Safety and hands-only CPR

Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, please contact Nichole Spivey,
Injury Prevention Coordinator, at 803-434-6231 or

The presentation and simulation are very graphic and intended for a
mature audience (recommended age is 13 and older).

To view Project Ready flyer please click here.

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Recovery For Life

Helping Others Help Themselves

Where: Masjid AL-Muslimeen

Time: Bi-weekly on Sundays 11:30am - 12:30pm

Summary: Recovery For Life

Contact: AbdulQabid

cell: (803) 530-0510

Email: rwade1952@yahoo.com

Islamic Class

Islamic Class every Wednesday by Imam Muhammad Adly at 7:00 Pm

Seerah Class

Seerah Class Every Friday at 8 Pm (After Magrib Prayer) By Abdullah Al-ansari.

Syrian Refugees

For information concerning the Muslim Refuges in Columbia, donating, or assisting, please contact our coordinator Sister Lynne Miller. (704) 402-4456

Islamic Class by Br. Al-Ansari

The class by brother Abdullah Ansari will be every Monday @ 7 Pm starting July 10th.

Marriage Services in Islamic Center of Columbia: Terms and Conditions

Any marriage service or ceremony conducted by Imam Adly or conducted in The Islamic Center of Columbia have to meet the following criteria:

1.) No performance of marriage in which one of the partners is not Muslim. The Islamic Center of Columbia will not conduct any marriage between two partners of different religious beliefs, regardless of whether it is the husband or the wife that is not Muslim.

2.) Future brides MUST have a guardian, which is a male member of her immediate family who could not marry her at any time (i.e., requirements of Mahram: father, brother, son, etc.).

3.) In case of the future bride being the only Muslim in her family, guardianship automatically and exclusively falls into the hands of the Imam of the community.

4.) In case the guardian lives in another country, a legal document approved by the embassy of that respective country must be sent to verify the consent of the guardian for such marriage.

5.) A sister who has been married before has to show proof of divorce of the previous marriage from the previous husband.

6.) No performance of marriage for people out of town. Islamic Center of Columbia offers marriage services only to local residents and members of the local community.

7.) Upon request for Imam Adly to conduct the wedding service, or for it to be performed in the Mosque, gives the Imam the right to unite the two parties as well as the right to separate the two parties upon request of one of them, even if the other party is in disagreement.

8.) Both parties need to educate themselves concerning Islamic rights and obligations and duties towards each other, as instructed by Qur'an and authentic Sunnah prior to marriage.


10.) Marriage done by the Imam or at the Islamic Center of Columbia has nothing to do with legal marriage status. Legal marriage licenses can be obtained at the family court.

11.) The Imam has the right to turn down any request of marriage without presenting any reason. It is a free service, so the Imam is not to be bound by any obligations or demands.

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