Start of Ramadan is 08-01-2011

Asalam Alaikom Warahmatu Allah wabarakatuh,

Insha Allah the start of Ramadan will be on Monday August 1st 2011. We will have Taraweeh starting Sunday July 31st 2011 after Isha Prayer – Iqama at 9:45pm.


In the effort to have a successfull Iftar this year we are adapting a new system so we can have a good estimate
of how many people will be attending Iftar each day.
If you plan to join us for Iftar you need to inform us the night before by Ishaa time using ONE of the following methods.
1- Token System at the door of the masjid.
2- Online using the form @
3- By calling or sending a text message to (803) 753-8819

Please indicate how many members of the family will be attending and make sure that you only use of one the above
methods each time you intend to come for Iftar.

Masjid al Muslimiin