Member Application Rules

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Be a Muslim.
  2. The member must be committed to Islam and should strive to implement Islamic teachings in his/her life.
  3. Accepts and is willing to work under this Constitution.
  4. Accepts to pay a membership fee, or fulfills other requirements as decided by Majlis ash-Shura.
  5. Accepts to abide by the decisions of the collective authority.
  6. Could be male or female and of the age of at least 16 years.

Applicant Approval/Disapproval:

In accordance with article 7-C3 of the Constitution “The member shall have a voting right if the member is a qualified member for at least six months prior to exercising his or her vote.”, and article 7-A7 “Approval of the applicant by the Majlis ash-Shura.” after fulfilling duties outlined in article 7-B(1-8).

Duties (article 7-B of the Constitution):

  1. Strives to practice the obligatory duties of Islam.
  2. Strives to work for the development of an Islamic personality in oneself and others.
  3. Visits the Masjid at least once a week.
  4. If a sister, visit to the Masjid is optional.
  5. Participates and helps in organizing Islamic activities at the Masjid and outside.
  6. Undertakes study of Islam.
  7. Strives to practice Islamic code of conduct and behavior and specially avoids committing major sins.
  8. Participates in charitable activities and works which yield benefits and goodness to the community.

Termination from Masjid Al-Muslimiin Membership:

Full members are considered members of the Masjid for as long as it exists, unless they commit one of the following acts:

  1. Apostation from Islam
  2. Voluntary withdrawal from the Masjid.
  3. Working against the aims and purposes of the Masjid.
  4. Cooperation with individuals whose purpose, acts, or continuous action is to disrupt, undermine, or overthrow the leadership of the Masjid without just cause.
  5. Continuing to commit acts that would unnecessarily place the Masjid in jeopardy or embarrassment.

Method of Termination:

A member will be notified of his pending termination and a mutual time will be set for appeal the decision before the Shura.