Weekend Islamic School Ramadan Activities

The Weekend Islamic School invites you to attend:

Your Family and the Blessed Month of Ramadan

There will be activities and interactive programs for the children (5-10 y/o), the youth (11-17 y/o) and the adults (18 y/o and up). We will also begin registration for the Weekend Islamic School 2009-2010 school year.

•    Welcome the month of Ramadan with beneficial knowledge and motivational narrations
•    Increase your faith and seek nearness to Allaah
•    Remember Allaah in the comfort of knowing that your family is engaged upon reaping the rewards of Ramadan


(5-10 y/0)  
(11-17 y/o)
(18 y/o and up)
Sunday, August 23rd   The Story of Ramadan and Learning  Du’a  Ramadan Resolutions The Virtues of Ramadan
Sunday, August
 Quiz Game How to Answer Questions
about Ramadan 
 The Etiquettes of
Reciting the Quran
 Sunday, September 6th  Story Hunt Overcoming Hurdles and Laylatul Qadr  The Last Ten Days
Sunday, September 13th Arts and Crafts   Evaluation and Celebrating the ‘Eed  Celebrating the ‘Eed