Share Islam day April 20th

Assalamo Alikom wa Rahmato Allah wa Barakatoh,

We would like to inform you that our yearly "Share Islam Day" will be Insha Allah on Saturday April 20th between 5:30 pm and 7:30pm. Please invite your neighbors, coworkers and any non-muslims you know. Share Islam day is basically an open house event where we invite non-muslims to come see our masjid and our community. We tell them about Islam through a short (20 min) lecture and some display tables. We also offer them free material about Islam. Dinner is also served at the end of the event.

We will make invitation cards available at the Masjid, so please pick some up and use them to invite your guests. You can also download this invitation and print it out for your guests or simply send it to your email list. (after you click the link, just right click the image and select "save as..")

Due to the great effort and time consumption in the preparation for this day we will not have our monthly social gathering this Saturday but we ask everyone to come to the Share Islam day instead to greet and spend time with our guests, show them our Masjid and tell them about our religion.

We are currently meeting every Friday between Maghrib and Isha to prepare for the day and we need volunteers. If you have time and would like to help please come to our meetings.

Jazakom Allah khairan,
Masjid Al-Muslimiin