Eid Celebration

Assalamo Alikom Wa Rahmato Allah Wa Barakatoh,

This year we want to have a special Eid celebration organized by the community for the community. 

We have formed a Eid Celebration Committee that will try to organize and put together an organized and joyfull Eid celeration with the help of Allah then the help of the community.

The Eid celebration will include:

  • Salat Al Eid will be at the Masjid at 8:00 am sharp, please make sure you come on time as some brothers and sisters may not have a day off and have to go back to work.
  • Breakfast will be served immediately after the khutba: We will have Donuts, Humus, Baba Ghnouj, Tea/Coffee etc.. and we welcome anyone who wants to bring their favorite breakfast items, just hand any dish you prepare to someone in the Security team as you come in.
  • Kids rides will be available as soon as the parking lot in the back is empty, so please remember to move your car if you parked in the back(grass area). We encourage people to carpool this year so we can spend our time enjoying Eid with each other instead of looking for who blocked our car.
  • Lunch will be Barbecue style and we will start cooking around Noon or even before depend on the availability of people. We will announce the exact time on a later time. We will have plenty of food incha Allah, new tables and chairs and we will try to create as much shade as we can so we can all enjoy our Eid.
  • We will also have small toys and gifts for all the kids.
  • The sisters are in the process of creating a small day care for families with kids, help is needed with this effort.
We are still looking for volunteers to join any of the following committes:
  • Parking/ Security
  • Organization/Cleaning (one for the brothers and one for the sisters)
  • Fundraising
  • Food preparation
  • General 
Of course this is not going to be possible without the help of Allah then the help of everyone in the community. We will have two fundersasing one tonight Satruday at 9 pm in the form of an art Sale. The proceeds will go to the Eid celebration fund. And the second one will be tomorrow between Isha and taraweeh.
We understand we had several fundraisers and we all have given a lot, but remember this fundraising is for US, for our Masjid and especially our kids. We are trying to raise enough money to buy permanent tables and chairs. The rides also cost a good bit so donate generasouly. Tell everyone you know Eid will be different this time incha Allah, and we need their help. Finally and most importantly remeber the Duaa so Allah will give us a Blessed celebration and make our plans possible.
Jazakom Allah Khairan,
Eid Celebration Committee