Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Brothers and Sisters,

Annoucement 1

The CIC conference will be held in Greensboro NC this Saturday April 21, 2012:

We would like to invite everyone to this event. The mini conference includes 3 lectures by some of Carolina's distinguished Imam's. One lecture after fajr, Duhr and Asr. So don't miss this opportunity of knowledge.
Breakfast, Lunch and a snack will be offered. Usually a caravan of cars leaves the masjid on Firday after Maghrib. So if you want to travel in the company of other Muslims don't miss this opportunity. Bring you car and take some muslims with you if you are traveling alone or even if your car is already full come and join the rest of the travelers so we can all leave at the same time.

Annoucement 2

Available Gift Card Dominations this week 4/20/12:
Please support this program doing what you already do..

$25,$50,$100 Shell Gas stations
$100 Walmart
$100 Lowe's
$100 Sears
$25 Burlington Coat Factory
$25 AutoZone
$25 Advance Auto
$10 Pizza hut
$10 Dominos
$25 Nike
$25 Children's place
$100 Best Buy
$100 Target
$25 TJ Max/Marshals
$25 Macy's
Reserve yours here and it will be ready for quick pick up after Jummua or come by and select what you want after Jummua outside the Masjid.

Jazakom Allah khairan,
Masjid Al-muslimiin